10 Minutes at Tohoku (2014), single channel video for art installation.
10:00 (excerpt). See related body or work here.

Images and Editing : Michel Huneault

Lavoie sans frontieres (2013), for TFO
29:00 (excerpt). See other excerpts here.

Directors : Simon Madore & Michel Huneault
Direction of Photography : Michel Huneault
Music : Sandro Perri
Mix: Brad Bakelmun
Editing: Will Cyr

Economic bauble (2010)
GDP - Measuring the human side of the Canadian economic crisis
For the National Film Board of Canada
3:18 (full). Watch other films from the NFB-GDP project here.

Reporting and Photography : Michel Huneault
Editor : Miguel Raymond
Director-coordinator : Hélène Choquette